Welcome to the World of Philomena Chesterfield.

Hello my darlings! My name is Lady Philomena Chesterfield. I was born on February 5th, 1871 at our beautiful home, Iris Chateau, which is in Alderford, the very posh neighborhood of Southern Tinkerburg (I will tell you more about our beautiful home and city later!). I am the youngest of four. I have two brothers and one sister. The oldest brother and sister are twins. My sister, Letitia, aka Leti, is the oldest (by two WHOLE minutes – gasp!) and certainly makes sure everyone knows it! (she’s very stuffy and proper which is good because “I” am not) My brothers, Lucius (the other twin) aka Luci, and Nathan are amazing. Lucius can be a bit overbearing, but I blame most of that on Leti. Nathan goes on a lot of my ‘adventures’ with me as he says I need protection as I am “just a fragile flower” but secretly, I think he goes because he loves the adventure and it irritates Leti and our parents. Our parents are Duke Thomas Allen Chesterfield and Duchess Isabella Josephine Walstrand. My father is a professor of Steam Engineering and Mechanics at Chesterfield University. His grandfather started this school forever ago and all three generations have worked there in some capacity. My mother teaches English and Etiquette at Alderford Academy which covers first through eighth grade.

Anyhoo, enough about my family! My friends and I were discussing our adventures the other day over tea and we decided how wonderful it would be if I wrote them out and shared them with people all over the world! I thought that was a splendid idea so here I am!

Once I have gotten all of my stories gathered and checked on a few details, I shall have our first adventure put up! Until then, I will post bits about my family, my friends, and our beautiful city of Tinkerburg!

May the winds forever be at your back,

Lady Philomena Chesterfield


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